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A warm welcome!


I am assuming that it took you quite some effort to get here. I respect that. You now have everything you need to get further in your journey to live fulfilling relationships. 


Why online?


I offer online counseling via video chat, audio chat, live text chat or e-mail. Online counseling is an effective way to get support if you often change your place of residence, have little time, can't find a suitable offer locally or just prefer to think on your own couch.


Why should you seek support?


It is normal to be unhappy in your relationship. It is normal to have too little of what makes you feel alive and happy: Things like sex, joy, the feeling of really being there for each other, of really understanding each other. It is even normal to feel inadequate and helpless as a father or mother. 


But that doesn't mean that you have to stay alone and cope with the situation yourself only. Missing something can be very painful. Get me on board.


I am your confidant who knows about relationships, neutral and discreet. I have been a certified psychologist since 2007. I am a family and couples counselor and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy. I'm traveling and working worldwide. I have been doing so while being married with my partner of 15 years and I have three children. 


What's new?


When you use social media often, you might love what's app just like me, namely the voice messages. You can record and listen to them when no one is around. You can press pause if it gets too much for you. You can speak without being interrupted. You can send them day and night. You can listen to them again. A familiar voice with which you feel comfortable. Then my offer "audio chat" could be something for you. Don't worry about data theft: I don't work with what's app.


More traditional, of course, is communicating via video chat. Your partner or child can also partake, which I always find very helpful. Your loved ones are only able to help you out effectively if they know how to.


Schedule an appointment today


I hope I have stirred up your interest, because I would like to get to know you and your story. My passion is to help you succeed in living satisfying relationships.


Schedule your first appointment at ! You will receive an answer within 24 hours. I am looking forward to meet you.