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Family Counseling: Be the alpha wolf!

You love your child and you want to be connected to him and be helpful to him. And at the same time, your child may not be well. If your child suffers, you are suffering too - a good reason to get support. I take the concept of family broadly - from a single parent to a patchwork family.


I offer family counseling for issues like:

* We constantly disagree about parenting issues and this weakens our position as parents. What can we do?

* Our child has problems at school and prefers not to go there. How do we deal with this?

* We have to move, and our child does not want to. What do we do now?

* My child sometimes has long tantrums in which he or she is not responsive. I feel embarrassed in front of others.

* My school child spends far too much time playing computer games. I am afraid that he becomes addicted!

* Our teenager is very secretive. She does not want to talk about herself. She withdraws from us and her friends. At the same time I know that she is not well. I am afraid that she will not get out of this situation by herself.

* We have separated. We want to stay good parents, but we have difficulties with that because we don't like to talk to each other.

* Our older child is very jealous of the younger sibling and also behaves aggressively. That worries us!

* My partner brought children from her former marriage. I don't know how to build a good relationship with them. Can I tell them anything at all?