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Couples Counseling: Being independent and connected at the same time

You go through several phases of love with your partner. At the beginning you have found an answer to all questions lovingly, playfully, easily. At the moment your doubts weigh heavily, you both have painful arguments or your feelings have cooled off. 


Especially with additional burdens such as moving to another country or the death of a close relative, a relationship is put to the test.


Clients come to me with the following topics:

* My partner has cheated on me and I cannot forgive.

* My partner simply has decided where to move to. The employer decided that way. I feel so angry and helpless at the same time.

* I often ask myself whether I should break up. I would like a neutral person to be present when I talk about it with my partner.


* The atmosphere at home is terrible. I try so hard to have a meaningful argument, but he/she just doesn't understand me.


* Our sex life is disappointing and I don't know how I can change that.
We lost a child in pregnancy and now everything is different.

* I would like to have another child, but my partner doesn't. This issue puts a lot of strain on our partnership.

* My partner does not help me with the household and does not appreciate my contribution to our relationship in general. This has annoyed me for a very long time.

* I moved abroad with my wife and children. Now it looks like I have fallen in love with a man. I do not know what to do.