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Counseling Offers

Helene vor PC


Offers for individuals, couples and families*:


Basic package: 45 Euro


* Video - consultation 45 min


Extended Package: 60 Euro


* Video - consultation 60 min

* Follow-Up e-Mail with summary of the conversation and tips for further action

* Follow-up audio chat: 15 min speaking time (split as required), I answer in detail


Deluxe Package: 100 Euro

Choose two of the following options (it's possible to take the same option twice):


* Video consultation 60 min  


* Audio Chat Package 
60 min. speaking time (split as required), I answer in detail. Answers are guaranteed within 48 hours.


* E-mail package
I read and answer nine e-mails. I propose to have an exchange of letters every two weeks with three mutual letters on the current topic.


* Text chat in real time 60 min

Make your first appointment at !


I will answer within 24 hours (weekday).


* All service packages are valid for 6 weeks