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A warm welcome!


Your first steps in the right direction led you here, congratulations! You now have everything you need to experience strong love in your life!

Why online?


I am offering online counseling via video conference. Online counseling is an effective way of receiving support if you change your place of residence, have little time, can't find a suitable offer locally or simply prefer to talk on your own couch.


You have a goal - we walk together


Having a strong love means you love and feel loved. A strong love means feeling moments of deep connection while mastering difficult times as well. But what about the moments and phases when you can't love? In which you don't feel loved? In many relationships there is speechlessness. Speechlessness weakens love. Fear of conflict weakens love. Conflicts that are repeated over and over weaken love. Everyday life with its many pitfalls weakens love.


In my online counseling we will find ways to make your love strong again. The ability to give love, but also to receive love, didn't just fall into our lap. But we can train these skills, just like a muscle!


Why choose me as your counselor?


I'm your confidant who knows about relationships. I am neutral and discreet. I am a qualified psychologist with professional experience since 2007. I have been with my partner since 2005. We have three children together. The methods I work with are scientifically sound.


I am at eye level with you - you are the expert for yourself and your partnership. I can offer you a free introductory appointment a few days within your request.


Book your appointment today


Book your personal, free introductory appointment today at or doctolib! You will receive an answer within 24 hours (weekdays). I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

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